Reporting an Emergency

When to call 911

Use 911 to report an  EMERGENCY --any situation that requires immediate action or an urgent need for assistance .
Dial 911 to:
  • Report an accident
  • Report a fire
  • Request an ambulance
  • Report a domestic
  • Report a fight
  • Report a burglary
  • Report a robbery
  • Report a theft
  • Report a prowler
  • Report suspicious noises in or around your house
  • Report a drunk driver
  • Report someone looking in your windows
  • Report a suspicious person
Make 911 your first call. Do not call your mother, father, boyfriend, sister, brother or anyone else before you call 911. Time is of the essence when reporting an in-progress call. The police have very little chance of finding a person looking in your windows if you call 20 minutes after it happens.

What to Expect When Calling 911

First rule: REMAIN CALM

Tell the dispatcher:
  • What is happening
  • Where it is happening
  • Who is involved

Do not hang up  until the dispatcher tells you to.

Answer the dispatcher's questions.

Remain calm and speak clearly so that the dispatcher can better understand your answers and get help to you quickly.

Answering the dispatcher's questions does not delay a response. If it is an in-progress call, another member of the dispatch team has already started the units to the scene while the call taker continues to speak with you. The information we gather will make sure that the emergency responders arrive quickly with the correct equipment and manpower and will increase the likelihood of apprehending a fleeing suspect.

Call 330.673.7732 for Non-Emergencies

​​Do not  use 911 to:
  • Report a barking dog
  • Report loud music
  • Report fireworks
  • Report a parking complaint
  • Ask a question
  • Ask what the sirens are for
  • Report a power outage

A word about 911 and cell phones

When you dial 911 in the City of Kent, you may not automatically reach the Kent Police Department. 911 may be answered by the Portage County Sheriff's Office, Stow Police Department or Kent State University Police Department. If you have not originally reached Kent PD, you will be transferred. It only takes a moment. Stay on the line.

When 911 is answered, the dispatcher will ask "Where/what is your emergency?" You should say:
  • I need the police at ... (give address)
  • I need an ambulance at ... (give address)  OR
  • I need the fire department at ... (give address)

It might be a good idea to program Kent Police's non-emergency number into your phone so that you always have the number handy.  That number is 330.673.7732.