New Police Facility

This page will be dedicated to updating the community on the progress of building the new police facility. We will be posting updates as they occur. Please check back frequently for new updates.

9-08-2016If you've been keeping an eye on our new building site, you'll have noticed that all the tree-clearing has been completed and many piles of dirt have been relocated. Our general contractor, RFC Construction, has been busy preparing the construction site, now that a "Notice to Proceed" has been signed. With all the paperwork in place, you'll now see much more activity on the site. The official construction start date is coupled with a completion date of October 19, 2017. This just leaves a little over a year to finalize all the hard work and preparation to see this project through to completion. Below are just a few projects that are getting underway:

  • The security fence is being tightened and a new gate was installed facing Depeyster St. that construction vehicles will utilize.
  • Temporary electricity and water outlets are being finalized for use.
  • Construction trailers are being brought on site.
  • Silt fencing has been placed to ensure that debris from water run-off, construction tires, etc, doesn't enter into storm water basins during the construction project.
  • Soil inspections are being conducted to ensure compatibility for foundation work to ensue.
  • Foundation work is scheduled to begin September 12th.

  • Ground Breaking

    7-15-2016On Tuesday, July 12th, the Kent Police Department broke ground for our new police building. Those attending the event included City Manager Dave Ruller, Mayor Jerry Fiala, City Council members, KPD members (both past and present), the DSA team who is designing the building, Kent residents and supporters.

    Thank you everyone who made this possible!

    Ground Breaking
    Dave Ruller Mayor Fiala

    6-09-2016Since the last update in February, the new PD project team has been hard at work with many behind the scenes duties necessary to ensure a fluid and seamless construction project. Some of those duties include:

    • Passage of all city required documents being reviewed and approved by the appropriate city departments. (Planning and Zoning, Building Department, Architectural Review Board, etc.)
    • Met with representatives from the Department of Corrections who reviewed and approved our jail designs and policies.
    • Early site package bid process and approval for Woodford Excavating. They have begun clearing the land of trees, stumps, asphalt and concrete. They are also responsible for delivery of concrete pipe and other structures, fence relocation, utility relocation, installing a new hydrant, etc. They have begun working on the site and preparing it for construction to continue through the month of June.
    • Finalized the contruction documents to prepare for bidding of a general contractor. Public bidding and meeting for responses and questions related to construction. Lowest bidder review and vetting process for RFC Contracting Inc. is currently taking place. RFC has been given a favorable review and will be recommended to council as the project General Contractor.
    • Budget review and updates have been a continuous process throughout the project in order to stay on pace to keep it affordable, to minimize cost overruns and to efficiently manage and utilize public resources responsibly.

    We are hopeful that Woodford Excavating finds minimal issues with the site preparation and utility relocation so that we may keep pace with a desired July target for construction to begin. You can find a timeline of events by clicking here. You must have Adobe® Reader to view the file.

    We have also been discussing a ground-breaking ceremony to celebrate the construction process. Stay tuned for a public announcement for that event coming soon!

    2-19-2016As you may have read in the paper, the Architectural Review Board granted a Certificate of Appropriateness to DS Architects for the new PD building plans. DS Architects took the Board's comments from the February 2nd meeting, making revisions to exterior signs, colors and design details.

    On Monday, February 15th, the building designs received approval of 6 variances through the Board of Zoning Appeals. DS Architects will next take the plans to the Planning Commission for site plan approval which will be held March 1st.

    Internally, KPD staff and all other interested parties are reviewing the 90% completed designs for completeness and functionality of the building. These steps are crucial to enhance fluidity of construction documents, avoiding added expenses and further delays in the project.

    Looking forward, we anticipate:

    • 3/1/2016 Building Department to receive 100% plans for final plan review.
    • 3/1/2016 Planning Commission Meeting
    • 3/2/2016 Presentation to Kent City Council
    • 3/8/2016 Phase 2 & 3 ODRC State Jail Inspector Plan Review
    • 3/15/2016 Comments from Building Department to DSA
    • 3/16/2016 Legal Notice for NPB General Contractor

    If all of the above dates are met, then the following can occur:

    • 4/13/2016 Bid Opening (4-weeks post first legal notice)
    • 4/20/2016 Scope Review and Pre Award Meeting with Selected Contractor
    • 4/28/2016 Board of Control Memo
    • 5/4/2016 Board of Control Meeting and hopeful approval
    • 5/5/2016 Notice of Award (start contract execution)
    • 5/15/2016 Contract Award and Notice to Proceed

    Using 30 days for shop drawings, submittals, General Contractor buy out of the project and enter into Sub Contract Agreements, then mid-June construction would start. 170 days (24 weeks or 5.5 months) to have construction progress to the point that the envelope of the building is sufficiently done to allow work to continue through the winter without additional winterization costs being incurred.

    11-19-2015Contracts are being executed now for GCS Industries LTD for the asbestos removal from most identified structures on the new PD building site. We are hopeful that this work can begin in the next few weeks. Butcher and Sons Inc. has received the award for structure demolition on the site. They will work in conjunction with GCS to demolish and remove all identified structure debris from the site. It is estimated that all this site work could be completed by Christmas.

    GCS Industries has also been contracted to investigate the asbestos remediation in our current building. This work will be in conjunction with the College St. site under the same contract.

    10-09-2015The most current information on the plans for the new Police building is in relation to the site itself. September 15th was the deadline for the last properties purchased to be vacated. The deadline meant that no occupants had resided there for over a month and the former property owner no longer has access to the property. The structures on site have experienced vandalism, arson and accumulated waste to which the city is sensitive and is beginning to remedy now.

    During the week of October 12th the structures will be boarded up in an attempt to keep trespassers and vandals out. This is being done to protect those from physical injury and not necessarily to protect the structures.

    During either the week of October 12th or the 19th construction fencing will also be erected to secure the work site in preparation for asbestos remediation and finally razing the buildings. Asbestos remediation may take a month for the work to be completed. The city is currently advertising for those bid packages. It is estimated that the razing of the properties may not take place until sometime in January.

    The DS Architecture Group has been working hard as they end the schematic design phase and have been working on design development. During the Design Development phase, the architect establishes the building's relationships, forms, size and overall appearance through further development of the floor plans, sections, elevations, typical construction details, and equipment layouts. Preliminary specifications, which identify major building materials and systems and establish quality standards are also introduced during this phase.

    12-19-2014Click here for a virtual tour.

    12-03-2014The Kent Police Department and architect group Dave Sommers and Associates are proud to provide a few renderings of the new police building. These renderings were unveiled to Kent City Council on December 3rd in an informative presentation. The architects have studied and designed the building, taking into account a variety of factors to include site layout, elevations, views, other architectural styles, functionality, solar pathways, sustainability, sustainable local building materials and public accessibility, to name only a few. City Council members had favorable comments and commended the architectural firm on their efforts so far. The floor plans and building renderings are still works-in-progress but we are excited to offer some first looks here.

    Building Corner
    This view of the police building is from the NW corner, looking SE across Haymaker Parkway. From this elevation there are three visible floors to the station. Central to the building are steps that pedestrians could easily traverse to reach the main public access on the other side of the building.
    Building Corner
    This view is looking North from the parking lot area. This is where the public would access the station easily from the parking lot area. From this elevation, only the top two floors are visible.

    Click here for a Bird's Eye View of the building and site located at the SE corner of Haymaker and Depeyster St. As shown, access to the building can be gained from College Street, Tonkin Court and S. Depeyster Street.

    08-22-2014The city has been busy acquiring properties for the now preferred site at the SE corner of SR 59 and S. Depeyster St. Click here Property Acquisition Update Map to view a map of the area in question. You must have Adobe® Reader to view the file. The map depicts approximately 18 properties that are desired for the building. Most properties have already settled on a purchase price and are awaiting closing of the sale. Kent City Council approved the use of eminent domain to acquire property at 14 Tonkin Ct., 224 and 228 College Ave., 227 and 233 College Ave. The green-colored properties have an agreed purchase price, the yellow-colored properties are not yet settled and the red property has not yet settled. KCC agreed to not use eminent domain on this property.

    Kent City Council also voted to build the new station as an environmentally friendly "green" building. The building and construction will endure a complex LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) "silver" certification process. This process will ensure green building materials and high energy efficiency for the life of the building.

    07-18-2014Since the passage of the earned income tax issue in November, much has been happening behind the scenes preparing for the construction of the new police building.

    The preferred location that originally scored highest in the site selection analysis was the N/E corner of E. Summit and S. Water St. Initial environmental concerns on two of the parcels was an expense overwhelming the budget for property acquisition. Further discussion and studies deemed this location too problematic and costly for any more consideration.

    March 2014 - The city selected its preferred property site, second highest rated in the site analysis study, which is located at the southeast corner of Depeyster and Haymaker Parkway, which is the dead end of College Street. After a third-party conducted a series of environmental studies, the city moved to begin property acquisition. We are currently in the process of contacting and negotiating with property owners and hope to have this complete by August 2014.

    March 2014 - During this time, we also formed an Architectural Review Committee, which consisted of city staff administrators that sent out a bid for architects. After reviewing bid packages and several interview sessions, the city selected Dave Sommers & Associates, LLC. This Kent-based architectural group shares a similar vision and enthusiasm of a new police station who pride Kent as their home, a value not lost on the selection committee. We are confident they have the skills, expertise and leadership to design a building we will be proud of for decades to come.

    June/July 2014 - We have met with the architects to do a space analysis to determine what space we have and what space we will need, leaving room for future growth. Part of this pre-design phase is determining relationships and adjacencies of space. These adjacencies are important to functional operations and working efficiently. Architects and police staff members have also toured new police facilities to garner some insight that other jurisdictions have experienced in new police facilities. This has been a valuable and inexpensive way to educate us along the design process.

    The architect will now begin working on the layout and renderings for the building. The goal is to begin construction next summer with an 18-month build period. If all goes to plan, the building will be ready by November 2016.

    11-21-2013 One of the first processes that is now taking place is the hiring of an architect. A committee has been formed involving Chief Lee and a few other city administrators to review architect qualifications. Then we will place an ad for any architects with the necessary qualifications to apply for bidding the project. The committee will review all the qualified architects and rate them until we finalize a firm. The timeline on this process is about 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on many variables. We are currently scheduled for our second meeting to begin defining qualifications of an architect.

    In conjunction with the RFQ process is the beginning stages of property acquisition. The timeline on property acquisition is 6 to 18 months.

    This page is dedicated to the Income Tax Issue that will be on the ballot on November 5, 2013.This is the issue that will provide the funds to build a new police department. Please check back frequently for updated information. We want the voters to learn the facts and be informed voters.

    These documents are PDF files, and you must have Adobe® Reader to view these files.

    The Daily Kent Stater recently published an article about the deficiencies in the Kent Police Department jail. Read the article here.

    The Daily Kent Stater also interviewed Lt. Mike Lewis about the jail. See the video and read the article here.

    The Record Courier published an editorial concerning Issue 4, the Income Tax Issue on October 9, 2013. Read the article here.

    View two videos explaining why the City of Kent needs a new police building.

    Income Tax Income Tax Short Version

    Artist Rendering of New Police Department

    Income Tax Issue Brochure

    The City of Kent has prepared an informational brochure regarding the proposed earned income tax. Please take a moment to read it...learn the facts. The election is November 5, 2013. Click here to see the Income Tax Issue Informational Brochure

    City Services Are At Risk

    08-16-2013 The City of Kent is dedicated to being open, honest and transparent with residents, and right now, our City requires a police facility that meets codes and safety guidelines.

    This November, our community has two choices:

    1. Pass a temporary 0.25% earned income tax increase. This would allow the City to construct the needed police facility while maintaining all present city services.
    2. OR
    3. Significantly reduce services. The City would still construct the needed police facility using funds from the existing city services budget.

    The current deteriorating and obsolete police facility … continue reading

    Kent City Council is asking voters to make an investment in their safety services during the November 5, 2013 election by approving a 0.25 percent earned income tax issue that would generate about $1.3 million annually for construction of a new police facility.

    This is not a permanent increase. Once the new building is paid for, the money will no longer assessed.

    The current building – originally constructed in 1924 for the Kent Fire Department – has a wide range of documented physical deficiencies that continually require costly, short-term fixes.

    The structure is not in compliance with modern-day building or zoning codes, National Fire Protection Association requirements, Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction regulations or the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    Virtual Tour

    Take a virtual tour of the current police department. Hosted by Chief Lee. Each video is several minutes long and show most of the police department. Click here to go to the videos.

    Facility Study

    The City of Kent recently commissioned an analysis of the current police building. It is one of the more thourough examinations of the current building.

    There are two parts to the study. The first was a Facility Study that defined the deficiencies that currently exist within the safety facility. The study in its entirety may be found here.

    The second part of the study is an analysis of options to resolve the deficiencies found in the first study. This study in its entirety may be found here.

    Space Programming

    This document shows the amount of space recommended for the new facility. The recommendation is based on research done on other police facilities. Click here to see the Space Programming

    Scope of Work

    This document is an estimate of costs done by each stage of work. Click here to see the Scope of Work

    Budget Scratch Sheet

    This document is an estimate of the amount of money needed for buidling the facility, and other costs associated with aquiring a new facility. There are two sets of estimates. The bottom one is an older version, applicable to the issue voted on in 2012. The top one is the most current version. These numbers are subject to change as time goes on Click here to see the Budget Scratch Sheet

    Time Line

    This document is a time line indicating the amount of time it will take to build the facility. Click here to see the Time Line

    Questions about the new building?

    Still have questions about the new building? Click here to see the answer to some questions

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