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With the continued rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine across the country, state, and county, Kent City Health Department will provide education, updates, and resources pertaining to the local distribution of the vaccine. At this time, the Kent City Health Department does not have COVID-19 vaccines on hand and is not accepting sign-ups to receive the vaccine. The health department is working toward acquiring the resources to provide vaccines in the near future. Additional press releases will be provided as the situation develops. Vaccine supply is still limited across the country. 

Even if you are vaccinated, you will still need to follow public health guidance for reducing the spread of COVID-19 such as wearing a mask, social distancing, and washing your hands frequently. Until more people are vaccinated, we must continue to practice these safe public health measures. 

Press Releases

January 14, 2021: Kent City Health Department Vaccination Update

Kent City Health Department COVID-19 Vaccine Resources

While COVID-19 vaccines are relatively new, they have undergone the most intensive safety monitoring in U.S. history. Thousands of people have participated in clinical trials testing the vaccine against rigorous standards. There will be many questions about the vaccine from side effects to how to prepare for the injection: COVID-19 FAQ

Are you preparing your staff or coworkers to be offered the vaccine? Get started with an informational and professional presentation with an overview of the study, what to expect, and common questions: COVID-19 Presentation

Misinformation spreads quickly and can often times overshadow the facts. Make sure you and your friends and family know those facts about the COVID-19 vaccine. COVID-19 Myth vs. Fact Part 1        COVID-19 Myth vs. Fact Part 2

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