Vital Records

Ohio Department of Health

Birth & Death Records

All legal vital records collected by the Ohio Department of Health Bureau of Vital Statistics are the data source for many important statistical measures used in public health. 

Certified Birth and Death records are used for Passports, Proof of Citizenship, Employment, Age Verification, Social Security Benefits, Life Insurance, Driver’s License or I.D. Renewal, Health Related Reasons or Benefits, Court Proceedings and Genealogy Research. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can certified birth certificates be laminated?  No, a laminated certificate is not considered a legal document.  Also, social security cards cannot be laminated.

  • For Social Security Card Issuance or Information, please contact the Social Security Administration Office at 1-800-772-1213  or visit Social Security Online.

Is my current birth certificate sufficient?  It depends on what type of certificate you have.  The following are not legal documents:

  • Old, torn, illegible or billfold size birth certificates are no longer legal and cannot be used as a legal documents.
  • Uncertified copies or certificates previously issued by a "City" office are not official legal birth records and are no longer valid, see Ohio Administrative Code Rule 4501:1-1-21 and Real Id Act of 2005.
  • Complimentary birth certificates given at the hospital are not official legal records and are no longer acceptable.
    • A hospital keepsake record is not certified by the state of Ohio and cannot be used as a legal document. If the certificate has footprints, it is a hospital keepsake. Even if the record from the hospital has a seal, it is a hospital seal and is a token certificate and not an official certified record.

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Marriage Records

All marriages recorded in Portage County, Ohio are located at:
Portage County Probate Court
203 West Main Street
Ravenna, Ohio 44266
Phone: 330-297-3870