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About the Division

The Building Division is charged with administering the City's building approval and inspection program and the City's Exterior Maintenance Code. The City's Building Division provides technical plan reviews and inspections of all residential, commercial, and industrial building construction based on the State of Ohio approved standards. The Building Division is certified by the State of Ohio.

The Building Services Division works with the Development Engineer and the Development Planner to review all building projects regardless of size. This team reviews all new construction, including new residential, commercial, and industrial projects, which are routed to all three officials simultaneously. Permits are issued upon completion of satisfactory plan review as per the Ohio Building Code. This may take longer if a project needs to be reviewed by the Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, or the Architectural Review Board.

Scheduling Inspections

All building and zoning inspections, including those for Electrical, Heating and Air Conditioning and Plumbing permits are scheduled through Building Services and are in conjunction with the State of Ohio approval standards.

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